History Of Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga


History Of ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga

On the basis of historical facts it came to picture that Mohmood Gajnavi sent his army commander Masood with army to loot & damage this famous welknown temple in Vikram Samvat 1081. Maharaja Chander Sen Gaur along with his son Indrasen,Army chief Rewat & 3000 Army men got died in presening the temple from enemies in battle.In the memory of death of queen & priestess there are memorials.
Letter on in 1179 the temple was rebuild by king shiv veer singh chauhan.The king invited two welknown brahmins from Mahrishi Vashishtha Origin from Pushkar for worship of tample.

In the year of 1358, en route ranthmbhor to fight Rana Hamir,Khilji sent army unit under malik kafur to destroy the newly built temple.Thae army unit caused big devaststion to village and granaries.The army unit also began dismantling the temple but had to stop owing to night.In the dream that night Khilji saw a half nacked tri-eyed,trident handling, Kamndaldhari,exotic personalty prepared to kill him.A feared Khilji could not sleep the whole night The next morning he revealed the dream.Then the pujari of the temple told him that the deity in the dream was none other then lord Shiva him self who can turn the universe into ashes just by the fire of his 3rd eye.Hearing this a feared Khilji decided not to destory the temple and proceeded for Ranthmbhor.

Since then life long lighting vigil,ShivRatri Fair were started.
Later on this place was under the control of Thikana Shiwar till 1948.
Now at present this place in famous as Shivar in Rajasthan under Sawai Madhopur district Chouth Ka Barwara Tehsil.