Animal Husbandry


Sr. No. Name of Animals Procurement
1. Tiger Chatbir Zoo, Panjab.
2. White Tiger Nandan kanan National Park, Bhubheshwar - Orrisa.
3. Lion Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Boriwali.
4. Leopard Forest Dept. Bhandara, Gondia & Navegaon.
5. Hyeana Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad.
6. Wolf Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad
7. Indian Fox Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad
8. Jackal Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad.
9. Palm Civet Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad.
10. Elephant Forest Dept, Mysore - Karnataka.
11. Samber Virmata Jejabai Bhosle Udyan, Mumbai.
12. Nilgai Nanded, Marathwada Region.
13. Chital Virmata Jijabai Bhosle Udyan, Mumbai.
14. Chinkara Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad.
15. Black Buck Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad.


16. Porupine Nandan Kanan National Park, Bhuvaneshwar - Oririsa.
17. Guinie Pig Nandan Kanan National Park, Bhuvaneshwar - Oririsa.
18. Monkeys Studedtail (Rhesus - Bonnet & Langur) Local Forest Dept.,  Aurangabad.
19. Crocodile Tadoba, Chandrapur.
20. Tortoise Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad.
21. Snakes 12 Types Poisnous & Non-poisnous Local Forest Dept., Aurangabad.
22. Water Birds Virmata Jijabai Bhosle Udyan, Mumbai.
23. Painted Storks Spooned Mumbai & Tadoba Udyan.
24. Bill Ducks-Godes Etc Mumbai.
     The Zoo has started a Aquarium from January 1997 having 18-20 types of fishes including Gold Fish, Shark, Sucker etc. to attract the visitors for getting the education of  aqua-life.
     Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has two Slaughter houses as below.
 1. Shaha Bazar Slaughter House: This Slaughter house is Slaughtering the small animals to provide
     clean and neat mutton in the City.
 2. Padegoan Slaughter House: The exiting Slaughter house at Padegaon is for Slaughtering large in
     animals. this Slaughter house is shifted from mid of City area "Sille-Khana" to Padegoan in the
     1987. The facility of transportation of beef is provided by making two beef Van available to carry
     beef in City area.
3. Modern Slaughter House : Aurangabad Municipal Corporation's existing Slaughter house is to be
     Modernized in near future. A Project of Modern Slaughter House is submitted to Govt. of India by
     A.M.C., Costing 224 Lakh. Govt. of India has sanctioned the Project on 50% Grant in-Aid basis and
     released Rs. 10.00 lakhs as token amount of Grant in the year 1999-2000.
     All the activities of slaughter house including bone godown skin godown etc. Will be shifted at Padegaon slaughter House area. From city very soon in addition to this Municipal Corporation has provided residential facility to the License holder near Padegaon slaughter house area by providing open plots to licensee.
 4. Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has started a mobile squad consist of sanitary Inspector along
     with a van and police help to curb any illegal slaughter or sell of meat in city by registering the 
     cases in the police station of the city after seizing and destroying the meat.
Cattle Pond
     The Central Cattle Pond is established at Garampani area behind Siddharth Garden in year March 1995. The Stray animals in the city are caught by a squad of Municipal Labour through a mobile cattle pond. These animals are kept in the pond & released after payment of pond fees. This action is to discourage the stray animals in the city.
Veterinary Dispensaries
     Aurangabad Municipal Corporation has started a Veterinary Dispensary near Central Octroi Naka, Baijipura with following activities.
 1. For treatment of ailing animals by charging nominal fees.
 2. Every Friday afternoon  free vaccination is carried for poultry.
 3. The License for pet dogs are issued after due vaccination of anti rabies vaccine.
Canine Rabbies Control Unit
     With the co-ordination of AMC scheme has been started by Govt. of Maharashtra for catching the stray dogs in city area from 1984-85. Under this scheme the stray dogs are caught by Municipal squad and such dogs are kept in pond for 3 days and during these days if any body claim the dog it is released by giving anti rabies vaccine and unclaimed stray dogs are put to sleep euthanasia.
Proposed Future Works
Dugdh Nagari
     The stables in city area causing nuisance to Public Health, it is proposed to shift these out of city at Bhavasingpura, reserved area for shifting of stables. The procedure for transfer of the reserve land is under progress with Govt.
Shifting of Piggery
     The piggery in the city area is to be shifted out of city in near future at Naregaon trenching ground area with will help to finish out the nuisance of pigs in the City.